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Welcome to backstage_art. Rules.
>>Welcome to my graphics community. I'm a bit of a Photoshop freak, and this community is mostly for my own amusement, but if you like what you see, please stick around, I'd love to have you as a watcher/member. My old stuff is mostly HBO's Band of Brothers, but if you enter the community now you can find Heroes, Torchwood, Prison Break, The History Boys, stock and whatever comes to me at the moment. I love making icons, but I consider headers and wallpapers to be my true Photoshop passion, so you'll be seeing lots of those type of things here, sometimes more than icons.

>>>I have many people to thank for making the beautiful, useful resources I use. All of them are listed in my resource post. Thos in addition to the resources I make and post here.

>>>If you'd like to be affiliated with this community, post a comment toTHIS POST, and I'll add you as one.
-- Please comment if you take anything. This helps me know what you like and don't.
-- Credit either notsostrange or backstage_art. You can credit in your icon keywords, resource post, layout, user info, whichever you choose. Crediting isn't optional unless the post says it is. I'm not going to hunt anyone down for not crediting, but it's nice to be given credit for my work.
-- Don't hotlink!
-- Enjoy! This one isn't optional, either. ;)
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